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A Praia dos Ingleses

Praia dos Ingleses is so named because there was an English shipwreck. Some of the crew remained in the town and took up residence there.

The beach is open ocean, or in popular language, “rough seas”. Its waters warm and mildly agitated provide a nice bath to the visitors.

It is on Praia dos Ingleses you will find one of the largest dune formations of the island of Santa Catarina, where it is possible to sand board or surf on the sand, “one of sports most requested by tourists in the summer.

More to the left corner of the beach, the sea is rough, the waves are not even great, but presents a well-trained, often with favorable conditions for surfing.

In the right corner of the beach waters are very calm and has a deck next to the hill, nice place, near the dunes. From this place a research team is removing objects from a shipwreck, which are placed in a museum close by. Recently it was reported that research indicates that the ship belonged to pirates, since the objects found there, have various origins.

The region also has beautiful trails, completely safe and flagged, where you can see the Atlantic in all its splendor. They are:

– Trail of Witch Hill – the Hill of Witches

– Trail Morro da Vigia – in Ponta dos Ingleses

Today is one of the most popular beaches of the island, for its crystal clear waters in tint, with infrastructure capable of supporting a large influx of tourists. It offers a wide range of services and attractions such as bars, restaurants, water park, shops and boutiques.

Distance from center of Florianopolis to the British Beach: 36 km

Distance to Beach Santinho Car: 5 minutes

Stretch of beach: 4.83 km